Macrame Rose Buds Mini Wall Hanging

Macrame Rose Buds Mini Wall Hanging Kit

Learn how to macrame for beginners-intermediate. In this class kit, you will learn the basics of macrame, teaching you a number of various basic macrame knots. This will form the basis for creating your very own macrame Rose Bud wall hanging. If you’ve always wanted to learn the art of modern macrame, now is the time! These skills last a lifetime and will allow you to continue macra-making stunning boho creations at home.

What’s in the kit:

  • Step by step instructions on how to make your wall hanging – emailed to you.
  • Diagrams of all the knots required.
  • Cotton cord, measured and cut to the required lengths.
  • Dowel to mount your wall hanging on.
  • Boxed and ready to be posted or given as a gift.

You are also welcome to contact your us if needed, to help you finish your project.



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